Monday, January 26, 2009

{Primrose Path..... a new collection}



A short time ago, I had an advertising photo shoot for Save Kid's Handmade and I was so inspired to take the shoot a little further. It is a sad sad thing to think children's handmade items could be extinct very soon, but it is even more saddening to me to realize that childhood itself is threatened.

I remember when I was a child............. it seems so long ago. Toys were simply entertaining, running through the meadow, stomping in puddles, building sand castles, making mudpies, and catching butterflies were the highlight of my day. The biggest stress was whether to wear pink or purple that day, not whether or not my world would be shattered by terrorism or if my father would be taken from us and sent to another country to fight a war that I didn't understand.


Our world is everchanging and it is not up to us to stop It or stand in It's way, but it is our job to remember our values, teach our children to enjoy each day for what it is, play often, laugh even more often, and above all... Love.

I decided to call this collection Primrose Path, because it is defined as a "life of ease" or "the path of least resistance" which I think every child should experience.

This collection is dedicated to the simplicity of what childhood should be.

Each photo pictured and many more are available in my shop on 1000 Markets and I am slowly adding them to my Etsy store.SKH1a .